Hyper Finance

Tutorial for LP Token

Step by step instructions

To start, you need to have BNB in your Metamask Wallet. ( Setting up Metamask for BSC).
  • Go to the home page and choose an LP pool.
  • Click the "Get LP" Button.
  • Go to Pancake page, then deposit BNB and BTC, click "Supply". (You could click "Swap" to buy some tokens if you don't have them.)
  • Go back to HyFi page, click "Deposit"
  • After deposit, you have started to earn the LP tokens and receive fLP tokens that can be staked to mining HYFI. Click "Stake"
  • Click and stake your fLP tokens
  • Start earning HYFI
Finally, an LP token can not only gain the increase of the currency but also obtain HYFI mining rewards.