Hyper Finance
Tutorial for Single Token

Step by step instructions

To start, you need to have BNB in your Metamask Wallet. ( Setting up Metamask for BSC).

Step1. Connect Wallet

    Go to the home page and click the “Connect Wallet” to accept the connection.

Step2. Deposit Token in Vault

    Go to the home page and click the “Earn“.
    Click "Approve"
    Then click "Deposit“
    Fill number and click "confirm"
    Click confirm to approve spending permission.
For now, you have started to earn BNB and receive fBNB that can be staked to mining HYFI.

Step 3. Staking to Earn HYFI

    Click " Stake" on the Vault page.
    On Staking page, click "Stake" and staking your fBNB
    Stake your fToken
    Start mining HYFI
Finally, a token can not only gain the increase of the currency but also obtain HYFI mining rewards.
Last modified 6mo ago
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