Welcome to Hyper Finance


Hyper Finance (HyFi.pro) is a decentralized aggregate mining platform based on the β€ŒBinanceβ€Œ Smart Chain.

Hyper Finance strictly selects the safest and most profitable mining projects for users. With our best-in-class proprietary strategies, it auto-compounds the mining yields and brings the best APYs for our users.β€Œ

Currently, we are mining on Venus, PancakeSwap, Belt, Ellipsis, and more.

$HYFI, Hyper Finance Platform Incentive Token, is issued for our mining users as rewards.

HYFI token address: 0x9a319b959e33369C5eaA494a770117eE3e585318


β€‹πŸš€ Adaptive Reinvest

  • Intelligently adjust the frequency of harvest and auto reinvest to further boost the compound interest.

β›± Recurring Loan

  • Mining pool APY increased by 1.5 - 2X with leveraged loans.

β™₯ Future Enhancement πŸ‘Š

  • The more sophisticated leveraging LP strategies coming up.

HyFi Tutorials

Token Distribution Plan

The HYFI token hardcap is 200 million (200,371,432) tokens and with an emission schedule for 2 years (104 weeks).

  1. Community reward (liquidity mining, staking, DAO, ecosystem): 80%

  2. Investor + Advisor: 5%

  3. Dev fund + Future employee: 10%

  4. Growth + Marketing fund: 3%

  5. IFO: 2%

​Tokenomics Details​